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Starknekit Modal

Starknetkit Modal

Often times you want to use starknet-react, but you do not have a need to build a custom modal component from scratch. To make your life easier, we made the default Starknetkit modal available for import with starknet-react.

To get started, you need to first import the useStarknetkitConnectModal and useConnect components:

import { useStarknetkitConnectModal } from "starknetkit";
import { useConnect } from "@starknet-react/core";

After importing, you can now use the default modal in your app:

const { connect, connectors } = useConnect();
const { starknetkitConnectModal } = useStarknetkitConnectModal({
  connectors: connectors as any
const connectWallet = async() => {
    const { connector } = await starknetkitConnectModal()
    await connect({ connector })

PS: Ensure to setup your StarknetProvider first.