Introduction to Connectors

We've borrowed the concept of connectors from starknet-react to make starknetkit, the perfect modular library for interacting with Starknet dapps.

Connectors are simply components that enable you interact with different Wallet providers on Starknet. Currently we support 3 connectors by default:

  • Injected (Argent X, Braavos)
  • Argent Web Wallet
  • Argent Mobile

But thanks to the modular design we've utilized, you can decide which connectors to show/hide on your dapp by adding a few lines of codes which we'll go over in the next sections.

Got a missing connector? you can submit a PR to the official starknetkit repository (opens in a new tab) to add your own custom connectors!


It's important to note that the example shown in the getting-started section, uses the default modal which contains the 3 connectors listed above.