StarknetKit Template

StarknetKit's Template

Taking your dapp from development to production should be easy! To simplify your development process, we introduce the create-starknetkit-app (opens in a new tab) Template.

This Template uses Nextjs and Starknetkit, with an option to bootstrap with starknet-react.

Getting Started

To spin up a starknet dapp using create-starknetkit-app, run:

npx create-starknetkit-app [app-name]

where app-name should be the project name.

This command spins up a basic starknetkit project, with the default connection options.

StarknetKit + Starknet-react

We also provide a template that includes starknet-react by default. To spin this up:

npx create-starknetkit-app [app-name] starknet-react

Running your dApp

After installation, change your directory and run your app:

cd my-app
npm run dev