Injected connector

We provide support for the two popular Wallet extensions on Starknet, Argent X and Braavos.

Argent X

ArgentX is the first open-source wallet on StarkNet powered by native account abstraction. Available as a browser extension across different browsers’ web stores, Argent X helps you create, manage, and connect accounts to decentralized applications built on StarkNet.


Braavos Smart Wallet for StarkNet makes self-custodial asset management easier than ever! With Braavos, you can securely access decentralized applications on StarkNet and manage your assets from within your browser.

Establishing a Connection

To enable the Injected connector, you need to first import the InjectedConnector from starknetkit:

import { connect, disconnect } from 'starknetkit';
import { InjectedConnector } from "starknetkit/injected"

After importing, you need to call the connect method, passing in your Argent X/Braavos connector:

const { wallet } = await connect({
    connectors: [
        new InjectedConnector({
            options: {id: "argentX"}
        new InjectedConnector({
          options: {id: "braavos"}

If you face import errors with typescript, head to your tsconfig.json, and update your moduleResolution and module to use Bundler and ES2015 respectively.

Connection Parameters

The Injected Connector takes a single param options used to specify the id of the connector to be used.

new InjectedConnector({
    options: {id: "argentX"},
    options: {id: "braavos"}

Custom providers

We provide you with the option to use a custom provider with StarknetKit. To use this with a specific Injected connector, simply pass in a provider parameter to the connect method:

new InjectedConnector({
    options: {
        id: "argentX",
        provider: new RpcProvider({
            nodeUrl: <RPC_PROVIDER>